Spider-Man And Wolverine
Status Completed
Type Comic
Author Jason Aaron
Artist Adam Kubert
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Spider-Man And Wolverine

Spiderman and Wolverine

Synopsis Spider-Man And Wolverine

Read Spider-Man and Wolverine Comic – 65 million years ago, in the Cretaceous Era, a full bearded Peter Parker is looking at the sky with his hand-made telescope and sees an asteroid heading towards the earth. He returns to his shack filled with hand made sculptures made by him of a woman who appears in his dreams. He goes to a valley, to meet with Logan, now a leader of a group called the ‘Small Folk’. Peter warns him about the asteroid then leaves.

In the present, Spider-Man and Wolverine attempt to stop the Orb and his gang from robbing a bank. Spider-Man hits one of the men and the man drops a bag of glowing diamonds. When the diamonds hits the ground, Spider-Man and Wolverine are sent back in time.

Back in the past, while he tries prepares for the impact, Logan sees and attacks someone with metallic hair but is interrupted by the meteor impact. The diamonds on Earth suddenly glow; Peter and Logan are transported through time, again. The two arrive in what they initially think is a distorted version of the present era, but in fact turns out to be the future.


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